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Calk and Havens Exhibition

September 26 - December 15 2019

Georgetown, SC Wooden Boat Show

Each year, Georgetown SC's Wooden Boat Show committee invites a local artist to create the design that will be used on posters, T-shirts and promotional materials. In 2010, this recognition went to Jim Calk for the 21st Annual Wooden Boat Show. In 2008, Betsy Havens' work was chosen to showcase the Wooden Boat Show. The two posters are displayed below.

Betsy Havens' 2008 Poster   Jim Calk's 2010 Poster
Wooden Boat Show 2008   Wooden Boat Show 2010


“Poetic Piano” CD by James E. Calk

A classically trained pianist, organist and composer, James E. Calk interprets show tunes in his poetic piano style. He has Poetic Pianoperformed in many states and has been lauded for his technical ability at the keyboard. His classical training has included intense study of the Romantic, Impressionist, and Contemporary periods of piano music. He has combined his love of these three periods into his playing style of contemporary show tunes.

This CD “Poetic Piano” by James E. Calk is an exciting performance that never grows old and takes piano playing to new heights. Broadway selections, movie tunes and three compositions by Calk are included. One of Calk’s oil painting appears on the back side of this newly released CD.

Enjoy several excerpts from James Calk's CD "Poetic Piano":

Hello Goodbye


My Funny Valentine


What I Did For Love



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